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Volume 3, Issue 8 February 24, 2009

Over the weekend, Runnin Ricochet Bar lit up the 2009 Lance
Grave Pro Classic winning around $109,000 while sweeping the Slot
Race, the BFA Futurity and Race 2 in the NBHA 4D Super Show.
He had already won around $10,000 before this weekend, so his total
career earnings are near $119,000 even though his offi cial barrel
racing career only started less than 3 months ago.
Runnin Ricochet Bar comes from winners on both sides of his
pedigree. First of all letÂ?s discuss the top side of the pedigree, Runnerelse.
Not only was Runnerelse a winner of over $50,000 in barrel
racing earnings himself but he has sired a slew of winners including
horses such as Tink N Run and Little Runnerlark,
those names should be quite familiar
to anyone who closely follows barrel racing
results. RunnerelseÂ?s sire, Magnolia Bar si
100, is a barrel producer that was one of the
fi rst horses to be a barrel horse sire. Many of
the great horses of recent history have Magnolia
Bar within the fi rst couple generations
of their pedigree. Also, on the bottom side
of Runnerelse, Mr Bar None, is the grandsire
of his dam, BuckÂ?s St Pat. Mr Bar None is
the sire and grandsire of many performance
horses. Just recently, Logan Olson rode a Mr
Bar None grandson at the NFR in the heading.
Also, Brian Fulton rode a Mr Bar None
grandson at the highest level of rodeos in
both calf roping and steer wrestling.
It also should be mentioned, Runnerelse
has nearly 40% Three Bars genetics. With
Three Bars being the leading performance
infl uence in the history of the performance
horse, it sure doesnÂ?t hurt to have all the
Three Bars blood you can get! RunnerelseÂ?s
dam, BuckÂ?s St Pat, is double bred Leo with a shot of LeoÂ?s sire Joe
Reed II in Magnolia Bar for a little extra performance infl uence.
On the bottom side, Slostartfastfi nish, was a very talented barrel
horse whose career was cut short due to injury. She is by the
versatile sire, Rare Bar. In just the last couple of weeks alone, Rare
Bar has sired the winner of the 2009 Cowboy Publishing Timed
Event Challenge Barrel Race, Rarely Fired, produced A Rare Kiss,
the heading horse of the year for the Northern Rodeo Finals, and
been the broodmare sire of numerous recent barrel runners including
Runnin Ricochet Bar. Rare Bar carries the blood of sire Rare
Jet, who is the sire of the greatest quarter horse runner of all time,
Refrigerator. Refrigerator won over $2 million dollars running and
show a similar breeding patter as Rare Bar, being out of Rare Jet
and showing Heisanative (TB) close on the dam side.
The second dam of Runnin Ricochet Bar, Mags Star Creek, is a
granddaughter of Magnolia Bar, that makes Runnin Ricochet Bar
a 2S X 4D cross to Magnolia Bar. Also, he is a 3S X 5S X 5S x 5D
cross to Three Bars. That equals a whole lot of performance infl uences
right up close in the pedigree.
The Barrel Racing Report caught up with the horseÂ?s manager the
1970 World Champion barrel racer Joyce Loomis Kernek and the
horseÂ?s owner Thomas Souza from Brazil to ask them a few quick
questions about Runnin Ricochet Bar. Thomas also owns the dominant
Brazilian barrel horse sire, Victory Fly, that earned 181 AQHA
points and earned over $60,000 during his career. His family has
bred and competed in barrel racing for more than 10 years under
their brand FNSL-LW.

Q: Who bred and raised the horse?
Joyce Kernek: Jeani Reiman and I have worked together for years.
The Rare Bar mare Â? Slostartfastfi nish belonged to my husband,
George and I. We sent her to Jeani to breed to Runnerelse and
I bred one of her Runnerelse mares down here in Oklahoma to
Brays Moon Bug. You could say that we were both in on it although
George and Joyce Kernek are listed as the breeders.

Q: Who owns the horse?
Joyce Kernek: He is owned by Thomas Souza and his wife, Ro-berta.
They live in Brazil and watched their horse win via internet.
I sold him to Thomas as a stallion because I believed that the Runnerelse
Â? Rare Bar cross would be a fantastic blood to have in Brazil
and Runnin Ricochet Bar was the ONLY one crossed this way in
the world. Both of those two stallions, Rare Bar and Runnerelse
were fantastic individuals and great producers. We could not get the
horse into Brazil, so we gelded him and Thomas asked me to manage
him. I contacted LaTricia Duke and asked her to take him. I had
Dave Stinson start him as a two year old. LaTriciaÂ?s husband picked
him up in December of his two year old year.

Q: What are the plans for the horse?
Joyce Kernek: For now, he will race in the US and go to Ft. Smith
and OKC and the bigger races.
Thomas Souza: Our plan is for horse to run the futurities in the
US through December 2009 with Latricia Duke. We then plan to
bring him to Brazil where he will be ridden by one of Brazils best
barrel racers, Marcos Monzinho and run under our colors and barrel
racing farm franchise, FNSL. But of course, this is just the plan.
If all goes as planned Ricochet will hopefully join our team of 4
barrel racing horses for a nice career down here.

Q: Why did you breed for this horse?
Joyce Kernek: I thought the cross between Rare Bar and Runnerelse
would be fantastic. I had ridden many Runnerelse horses and
several Rare Bars. I also got to ride Rare Bar himself. Ricochet has
moves that would make you turn your head and look twice when he
was running around and doing his thing. Slostartfastfi nish is now
owned by Jerry and Colleen Biscone of Berthoud, Colorado. There
are 3 more foals out of her Â? two by their stallion Â? Frenchmans
Irish and another one on the way and one by Joleen HalesÂ? Perks
Alive. You can watch for them in the future, because they have that
catty and fantastic way of moving like Ricochet did. I believe that
Slostartfastfi nish will produce more good ones. She herself almost
died when she was born early in December and the mare was older
and had no milk. My husband and I nursed her and fed her from a
bucket even when everyone said to knock her in the head. She had a
strong will to live and made a big pretty mare. I did not show her in
futurities because she turned one year old when she was not even a
month old. I kept saying Â? this mare may start slow Â? but will fi nish
FAST Â? thus the name Slostartfastfi nish. Slostartfastfi nish was at
Jerry and Colleen BisconesÂ? when she foaled Runnin Ricochet Bar.
They said he looked like a bullet Ricocheting around Â? thus the
name stuck on him. Thomas changed his name when he bought
him to include part of Rare Bar and part of Runnerelse.
Thomas Souza: On the name, we wanted to combine the Three
Bars legacy with speed and turn. Thus Runnin Ricochet Bars!!

Q: What drew you to buy Runnin Ricochet Bar?
Thomas Souza: I bought him when he was 4 months old or so
from Joyce. I wanted a stallion with as much Three Bars blood as
possible and Joyce told me Runnerlse had 40 percent so he was the
sire. The mother was also what I wanted as a full blood racing mare
and she also had Magnolia Bars in her and of course the great Rare
Bar. Like I said his Three Bars blood, racing blood and his disposition
and size and conformation. Joyce did a great job at selecting
him for us.

With top rider and trainer Latricia Duke riding for the Kernek-
Souza team they should all be in for a great year of fun before Runnin
Ricochet Bar head to Brazil!

LG Pro Classic
February 17-21, 2009, Kinder, LA
$170,000 Pro Classic
Place, Horse, Rider, Slot Owner, Time, Earnings
1 Running Ricochet Bar, Latricia Duke, Clay Sewalt, 14.397, $100,000
2 Go Figure Fiesta, Kelly Yates, Hitchrack Performance Horses,
14.444, $22,500
2 Return Of The Bully, Jolene Stewart, Jud Little, 14.444, $22,500
4 Heza Bug Leo, Latricia Duke, Miller & Duke, 14.476, $15,000
5 BA Famous Zena, Talmadge Green, Bogie Webb, 14.517, $10,000

IBRA Futurity & Preferred Show, Murfreesboro, TN 1/23-25
932 Entries - $16,000 Added - $50,509 Total Purse

FUTURITY 1D - 55 E. - $10,000 Add. - $10,980 TP
1) FAMOUS AUNT WANDY / Latricia Duke / , 30.572, $1,757, $4,063; 2) BA FAMOUS ZENA / Talmadge Green / Bogie & Amy Webb, 30.594, $1,318, $3,295; 3) BULLY BY DESIGN / Louis Fincher / , 30.790, $878, $1,866; 4) BA SPIDERMAN / Talmadge Green / Bogie & Amy Webb, 30.898, $439, $1,427.
FIRST GO - 1) Famous Aunt Wandy, 15.349, $1,318; 2) BA Spiderman, 15.371, $988; 3) BA Famous Zena, 15.426, $659; 4) Bully By Design, 15.480, $329.
SECOND GO - 1) BA Famous Zena, 15.168, $1,318; 2) Famous Aunt Wandy, 15.223, $988; 3) Bully By Design, 15.310, $659; 4) Nikki Nick Bar, 15.400, $329;

FUTURITY 2D - $6,587 TP
1) PACKIN FRENCHFEATURE / Tandy Meyers / David & Rachel Clingen, 31.625, $1,054, $1,252; 2) CASINO BAMBINO / Latricia Duke / , 31.627, $790, $790; 3) BP IAM RAJUN GIZMO / Don (Ducky) Keller / Anthony Donald Joyce, 321, $527, $725; 4) REBEL TAKES CASH / Donnie Reece / , 32.058, $264, $659.
FIRST GO - 1) Rainin Fame, 15.859, $790; 2) Runnin Ricochet Bar, 15.880, $593; 3) Rebel Takes Cash, 15.908, $395; 4) BP Iam Rajun Gizmo, 15.926, $198.
SECOND GO - 1) JL Dash Ta Heaven, 15.784, $790; 2) Heza Bug Leo, 15.862, $593; 3) Six Pack Nick, 15.922, $395; 4) Packin Frenchfeature, 15.987, $198;

FUTURITY 3D - $4,393 TP
1) RH BEEA BAG A MONEY / Karla Arthur / , 32.640, $703, $1,098; 2) BULLY BURNEL / Katie Brown / , 32.798, $527, $527; 3) FIRST DOWN GUY / Brian Carmen / , 33.139, $351, $878; 4) CLOBBER JUAN DANCER / Steven Forshee / , 33.397, $176, $571.
FIRST GO - 1) First Down Guy, 16.523, $527; 2) Clobber Juan Dancer, 16.552, $395; 3) Chicados Cash, 16.642, $264; 4) Strawfly N Silk, 16.703, $132.
SECOND GO - 1) Yabba Dabba Voo Doo, 16.287, $527; 2) RH Beea Bag A Money, 16.319, $395; 3) MBJs Dr Kid Rock, 16.374, $264; 4) Streakin Mighty Six, 16.459, $132;

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